Thursday, July 29, 2010

Should I give myself a birthday treat by getting a pair of this stilettos?

Most of us may have heard of this news in February this year that Paris couturier Jean Paul Gaultier collaborates with Melissa to create this shoe... Another eco-concious product on the loose (and I'm liking it!).

I just saw this in a boutique while walking to my next destination a few hours ago and the question remains...should I get a pair of this shoe?

I was tempted to try them but was afraid that I would end up buying it straight-away (like I did without trying a pair of the Vivienne Westwood court shoes (the first range by again, Melissa).

The heels looked and felt sturdy but didn't know that as I didn't try them.

Oh yes, I saw this in caramel colour as well but I according to "Digital Dazed" (of "Dazed and Confused"), it comes in several colours such as beige, tangerine, lime and of course as pictured, black.

Alright, is it worth that getting the plastic (eco-friendly) pair of stilettos for the price to pay? :)

Image source: Digital Dazed; also read a bit about it on their entry (dates back to Feb 2010)

Something to kick off the start of a new day... "Fire In Your New Shoes"

I found this video from a random posting on Facebook and been quite addicted to the song

It's one of the song I like to hear when I am walking.

This song is by Kaskade which features Martina of Dragonette

"Fire In Your New Shoes" 

I love a good "old fashion" reverse playback (well semi-reverse in this case...)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

'Horsing around' and 'being luxuriously sustainable' at Carnaby Street (2010)

Around two weeks (or perhaps more!) ago, I went to see some examples of student's work at Carnaby Street (for LCF 2010 Cordwainers Footwear Design) and well, I wasn't suppose to but I did manage to take a photo of one work which struck me. 

This prototype was designed by graduate, Harriet Holt (

Up close, it was made out of horse skin and had the horse shoe. There are no heels for support. One has to support at the ball area of the foot (like standing on tip-toes though not that drastic!). 

Here are more pictures from the designer's page:

Prototype on the model

Up-close and 'personal'

The design was based on the concept of therianthropy - the metamorphosis of a human into an animal or a being which is part human, part animal - as found in both classical mythology and popular culture. Honestly, the show piece scared me a little bit at first. However, after a second look, I began to appreciate the construction and the effort taken to make the shoe. It's one of the design I can't take my eyes off!

Another work which I saw nearby this stand was the work by Helen Furber. It has been the talk of the town (well digital-wise through blogs) the last few weeks.The designer takes an innovative spin of being sustainable with her design.  The life cycle of the shoe is redefined. The shoe goes through layers that are then recyclable or biodegradable after they have been worn and torn. The leather used (by Soil Association certified Organic leather by Natureally) is organic in a sense that during the whole process, every animal has been treated to the highest standards. The collection was sponsored by Y-3 Adidas.

These images and photographs are from a mix from sources, 'Outsapop' (also via 'Stylebubble') and Helen Furber's website (

The footwear prototype using organic leather.

The wedge unit.

From the source describing the collection:

"Icica Concept Wedge rexamines luxury footwear materials and construction. The result is an avant-garde product which aims to challenge the traditional footwear product life-cycle."

I loved the idea behind the design and basically, it is something all designers seem to be steering towards, sustainability. Unfortunately, it hasn't been manufactured for the market yet. If so, I would love to get a pair of these shoes as I love the structure and construction.

Lastly, a promotional video of the project:

Icica from Helen Furber on Vimeo.

Alternatively, view it through this link:

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Eyeing on: Shoes or Socks?

Is this the case of optical illusion from 'Purple Label'?  I quite like these...but I'm trying to figure out what ways can style myself with these socks...what do you all think? 

For more views: